Key developer traits.

Senior Engineers are not only good at their craft, there are a bunch of other skills necessary for one to become one.
Here is a list of the skills
1.Optimizing the existing system to bring efficiency, save time on existing business processes.

2.Contributing to existing informational security needs through controls and audit trails.

3.Coaching junior programmers on the best coding practices. Share one of your repo in production and lead from the front.

4.Provide necessary professional advice to stakeholders. I.e the sales team, marketing, and management and providing necessary technical advice for informed decision making.

5.Setting standards and ensuring that members adhere to the processes and culture that are the best fit for programming.

6.Have a unique way of doing things more so how you handle loops, how you integrate, handle exceptions, and more important code for the future.

7.Have a peer-to-peer review with junior Engineers and help them to have structured thinking.

8.Design systems that scale in a simplified manner, as much as possible have fewer points of failure

Mogaka is a Java developer that writes effective solutions to solve client problems and make the world a better place for everyone.



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Mogaka Polycarp

Mogaka Polycarp

Software Engineer, creative thinker passionate about creating Applications and data solutions